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Glaze Photography Studio
The son of an artist and a design engineer Douglas E. LaRue grew up in Dallas, Texas with an eclectic group of friends and family influences. While in High School Doug apprenticed with three professional photographers including Dan Coleman a teaching associate and friend of Ansel Adams. As a member of the high school journalism staff his team won a national publication design award presented by Taylor Publishing which was

featured in a documentary film. LaRue worked his way through college as a staff photographer for Texas A&M Journalism Dept. and for United Press International and Associated Press shooting news and NCAA sports—all while earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Design. After college Doug spent 3 years as a Medical Illustrator for the Texas Veterinary Medical Center producing Scientific and Medical Art for publication.

In 1994 LaRue founded Glaze Studio, a creative visual media production company. The company’s first contract was with the Texas Department of Transportation producing a statewide identity campaign for motorcycle safety in Texas. The project included logos, illustrations, poster art, billboards, bumper

Glaze Photography Studio
stickers, decals and television commercials starring Jimmie Vaughan with a pair of magic sunglasses and about 50 incredible motorcycles.

For the past 21 years LaRue has owned and operated Glaze Studio and produced a number of exciting media projects including Identity Campaigns, Motion Pictures, Magazines, Documentary Films, Web Sites, Live Concerts and more.

In 1996 La Rue became Co-Publisher of Capitol City Arts & Entertainment Magazine during which he seized the timely opportunity to establish an independent music website just as the Internet was gaining public awareness. After launching the magazine during SXSW the website quickly became very popular worldwide getting as many as 200,000 pageviews a month establishing MusicTexas as one of the first Social Media Network in existence online.

Nice words from nice people!

Outstanding results in multiple creative mediums! We hired Doug and Glaze Studio to produce our websites, videos, print materials, banners and most important our product package labels. We are happy with all the results including the Graphic Design USA American Package Design Award we won for the labels produced for us by Glaze Creative.

Clive Buirski, Owner, immunologic, inc.

Great Results, Expert, Good Value! “We are very pleased with the children's book cover illustration designed by Doug LaRue and feel that he captured the essence of our heart. Having been in the media business for years, I can honestly say that his detailed creative artwork is the best I've seen. Moreover, through his company, Glaze Studio, Doug provided professional and courteous service that gave me a sense of confidence throughout the entire process. We strongly recommend Doug LaRue and Glaze Studios.

Zanderland Asante, CEO, Trumpet Angel Media

‘The client told us that they had already decided to go with my main competitor before we started but when they saw the presentation you prepared for us it blew them away! You helped us win a great account in the high 6 figures! Just wanted to let you know I am excited about doing a bunch more work with you.Thanks again for the great work!’

Brian Ash, CEO, Ash Masonry

Thanks for the great work on the artwork you created for my project. You took the ideas I had and really turned them into eye-popping artwork. The creativity you bring to your work is first rate. You'll be the designer I turn to for future creative work.

Paul Gelencser, CEO, Gelencser Apparel

I hired Doug as the Director of Photography for a year long film project. His experience and expertise were essential, and wouldn't have been able to do it without him. Highly recommend him for any creative project.

John Bushe', On Demand Movement (CMO)

Ron S.
371d ago

Doug LaRue worked my event and did a great, professional job. Ron Stone

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